Photo Mentorship

Create amazing photos

Personalized instruction in studio, on location, online

Learn photography as a visual contemplation practice with fine artist and master teacher, Cindy Pavlinac. 

Walk with me to move beyond camera mechanics into a pure world of connecting to nature, timeless patterns, and magical seeing. Wake up your eye, delight your mind, celebrate the extraordinary in the ordinary, return to joy.

The subtle worlds give their gifts to those who slow and look with gentle awareness. Together, we will create photos, real and  abstracts, reaching out from the inside to connect with the flow of compassionate response. 

We are called to beauty. Our heart answers by selecting meaningful images of quiet power.

Eternity in a moment of discovery & wonder…

Students say:

- Cindy is an amazing teacher. I always felt supported.  -Elena

- I’ve studied with all sorts of teachers but Cindy is a true mentor.  -Richard

- Each lesson woke up my awareness to new ways of seeing. I’m never going back asleep.  -Mark

- The individual assignments opened my eyes to the world all around me. Cindy has a masterful way of listening and inventing a photographic inquiry that turns out to be exactly what I needed to learn right then, not just about photography, but about life.  -Rebecca

- My husband bought a new camera for our Italy vacation so I gave him the gift of 6 lessons with Cindy. Not only did he learn to use his new equipment, but he showed me what he noticed and opened my eyes to new discoveries I never noticed. He was a delight to travel with and we’re planning more trips and more lessons. I think Cindy somehow coached him on not only looking through the lens, but being more aware of his surrounding, and the people in it, including me. She could have been a marriage counselor for couples who travel together!  -Joyce

- If there’s any way you can work with Cindy, do it! Do it now!  - sisters Nancy & Lucy

Fashioning ourselves 

by creating with our 




Awakening our vision to see

joyful beauty

powerful meaning

graceful magic

the extraordinary in the ordinary

all around us

each day



Create a visual journal of daily observations prompted by guided lessons for looking and seeing in fresh ways. 

Personalized instruction by appointment ONLINE.

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